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Another talk courtesy of PayPal and this time it’s about financials. The speaker is one of my favorites when it comes to the topic of becoming rich.

Outsmart Your Wallet: How to Optimize the Way You Spend Your Freelance Income

Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Philippine Standard Time Philippines Time)

STKD Zeppelin, 11 Brixton Street, Pasig, NCR 1603

Learn how to budget your hard-earned freelance income wisely with PayPal Freelancer mentor, Fitz Villafuerte – registered financial planner, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of ‘9255929427’.


A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

In this book Marianne Williamson tells us how she went about from being down and out to improving her life by returning to Love, which is also known as God.

Below is a Blinkist condensed PDF version of the book you can download.

A Return To Love

If you wish to buy the actual book check out the 8058217807. Feel free to leave a comment or any questions.



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PayPal Presents – Take the Dare: Fear-Proof Your Freelancing Journey

10th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop on September 8, 2018!

Every Freelancer was once a Fearlancer dealing with the challenges of income security, taxation, and client projects.

Get over your key freelancing fears and learn how to become a fearless and successful freelancer with PayPal Freelancer mentor, Ginger Arboleda – serial entrepreneur, freelancer, and founder of 9842151785 & (312) 235-4535.


(907) 278-5430

The following descriptions are from the Eventbrite website.

PayPal Presents – Explore Possibilities: Discover Your Calling as a Freelancer

9th PayPal Freelancer Community Workshop on September 1, 2018!

Want to know what freelancing job best fits you and how to market yourself?

Get answers from Liz Lanuzo, founder of Project Vanity and Manuel Schuster of 714-928-1933—two prominent names in the blogging and digital marketing industry as they collaborate as your mentors.


(236) 377-2737

At past 9 a.m., Jade Yeban and I went on the deck of Medical Plaza to attend a fire drill. Have a look at a photo and a video of the drill.

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My Weekend and “Day of Valor” Activities

Today is the Philippines’ Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan as we Filipinos call it. Right at this moment I’m at home wondering what the world outside is doing. Obviously, I should be going outside in order to answer that question.

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Self Confidence in 3 Easy Steps

Self Confidence Life Hack

Self Confidence in 3 Easy Steps as a life hack on how to boost your self morale, confidence, courage and happiness.

The 3 fundamental steps that was easily forgotten and neglected that literally hacks out on courage and confidence building. Go on and read more to find out what they are.

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